Historical Recap Part 1

Chapter Y: Summary Overview

     My life has gone by too fast. At this rate it won’t be much longer before I meet my maker. All these writings attest to my life-long experiences. Many positive accomplishments were achieved that benefited my family and society; yet, on the other hand, I’ve managed to become a burden and inconvenience towards the end. In this chapter I recap by providing a cursory overview of what was previously written. Then I attempt to make some sense out of it all, and reveal my plans for the future.

History Overview Part 1


Philly crowd just prior to WW II

     I never regret the time and place of my birth in South Philly prior to WW II. Even though the circumstances could have been different, they could have been a lot worse; that is, I could have been born in some third world country or in Europe during the Second World War. I’m satisfied, because I’m convince God ordained my fate. If I managed to screw things up, then it’s was on me. Being born in the Quaker City had the advantage of diverse cultures and social amenities, despite the racial discrimination which was not as bad as the South. Prejudices were overlooked to some extent, because of social patriotism due to the war effort. Everyone was determined to defeat the Axis Powers in both the European and Pacific Theaters.
     The termination of the war effort catapulted returning G.I.’s to flock to the suburbs–away from the urban areas of the big cities. For me this was a move to West Philly, with a transition in social attitudes and associations. My previous experiences with diverse cultures had been narrowed down to obviously the black culture.


Philly street scene – circa 1960s

     As an inner city youth, I had to meld in with the prevailing culture and get hip to the ways of the street. In the meantime, I became engrossed with the onslaught of modern conveniences and technological advances that made life more palatable. This evolving interest was to have a positive influence on my life at a later date.
     As most other upcoming black male youths, the combination of peer pressure and the desire to incur some type of rep, caused me to run the streets, hang out, and satisfy my curiosity with getting high. In fact, this has been an ongoing compulsion that has plagued most adolescence throughout the ages–regardless of race or culture. It’s the desire to be macho. I’m convinced it is derived from our sinful nature. Meanwhile, my visit to Gotham temporarily satisfied my curiosity about life in the metropolis.

To be continued

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