Brandishing Zilch

Gun Play City

     From previous post on this website it is no surprise about the gun play prevalent in Oakland. As a result, the Oakland P.D. where well prepared for any sudden incident that involved firearms. Thus, the reason for the following tactical preparedness by the police.

     There were many instances when Sookie and I would get all hopped up on crack and get into a skirmish with one another. It seems that too much coke caused me to dredge up an attitude of anger. She’d be able to easily push my buttons, which caused me to revert to my dark side.
     One night when we had parked in the Eastmont Mall, we commenced to doing the 3Ts: tussling, thrashing and tumbling—from the front seats to the back seats and back to the front seats again. Meanwhile, a security guard noticed the fray and evidentially called the police, because he swore he saw me with a heater. Till this day, I fail to understand how he made such an error, because with arms flailing, feet kicking, and butts bumping on the window, what did he see?

     Almost at the same instance, an elderly lady must have overheard the guard as he made the call; because she began to scream and ran back into the mall. Her commotion was contagious; because others—men, women and kids—scattered in all directions while yelling and screaming.
     Several minutes later, the Po-Po (police) had swarmed onto the mall parking lot. It seemed like half the Oakland force had responded to the call, and were anxious to get into some action. Some were seen popping their trunks, and gearing up with bullet proof vest and tactical weapons. Suddenly, I was lit up by a bird from overhead. A few barks from Five-O canines could be heard as they strained at their leashes. One could tell the dogs were anxious for me to run, so they could tear me a new ‘a’ hole. All that was lacking was for the SWAT van to roll up and the mounted horse unit to come galloping in. The rapid response was due to a police substation being located on the same mall complex.
     After performing their typical felony arrest procedure, they realized it was all a mistake and gave the security guard a good chewing out. They shut off their sirens, strobe lights and rotating bar lights. In the meantime, all Sookie wanted to do was to go get another bump of crack. She had the nerve to ask me if I was down with it.
     Surprised by her attitude, and all I had just been through, we got into another heated discussion. Without hesitation I grabbed her by the neck and said, “I wish I did have a gun now, you asinine slut.” In the meantime she screamed, and then hollered, “Let me go punk!” Then she started gouging and scratching, while I started choking and slapping. Obviously, we faced-off and started clashing all over again.

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