Four-legged Thugs

Rouge Mutts

     On the mean streets of Oakland, one must be aware of roving crews of canines, many of which have been recruited into gangland.

   One night while trying to cop some dope, I was approached by a band of six dogs, which I perceived to have been led by a pit bull. My first thought was of the song Who let the dogs out? by the Baha Men. Immediately I anticipated hopping around, like Bruce Lee did in the movie The Big Boss.

     Being that I was not a good jumper, nor was I wearing Air Jordon’s, I had to come up with something quick. Instead, maybe I should have growled and shown my teeth. In any case, I remained resolute not to show fear.
     Finally I perceived another way out. So like in gang banging, I figured I’d take out the ring leader first, which will usually cause the rest to stand down. So I thwarted the attack by kicking the pit bull in its side, which caused the others to idly stand by. Then I gradually strolled off and casually looked around as I hit the corner; at which time I noticed that they seemed to have changed their minds and began charging after me. Fearing they may have sensed my bluff, I took off running. Since I had a sufficient head start, I was fortunate enough to escape the ordeal and becoming dog food.

Bow-Wow Brawl

     Dog fighting in Oakland is an underground sport. In ’96, 44 dogs were seized when a 10-acre ranch near Oakland was raided. Young thugs are often seen walking their pits on local streets as part of their gang related activities. In one particular instance, I witnessed a pit bull engage in a scrap with a street wise mutt.

     The confrontation was encouraged by the masters of these doggies who had taken them out for a stroll. During the tussle, the pit had locked onto the back of the mutt’s neck.
     After about a minute of watching this painful experience, the mutt had gained the upper pawl and the table was turned. I can only imagine that the mutt must have said under it’s pant, “So you wanna play rough eh.” By that time the mutt had already locked onto the back of the pit’s neck. A minute or two later, their masters terminated the struggle and deemed it a draw. However, the mutt sauntered off with it’s master while holding it’s head high. Meanwhile, the pit lied on the grown panting for air. To sum up, the mutt whipped the pit’s butt, and I was elated.

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