Rebound to Christianity

Baptized the 2nd Time

     After realizing how blessed I was, I encouraged Sookie to start attending church with me.

    We went to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 69th and Rudsdale. This is an instance of a church being located in the middle of a den of iniquity—the center of the 69 Mob turf. This situation allows no excuse for those who choose to walk the sinful path.

Typical baptism ceremony

Typical baptism ceremony

     Being that I was under heavy conviction for transgressing against the Lord, I scheduled for both of us to be baptized. My aim was for both of us to become more spiritual and live on the up and up. However, she continued with her double-dealing attitude and remained a loose hussy. On the other hand, I assumed she was only attempting to please me in order to keep her hooks on me. In addition, it was a means for her to keep tabs on me—especially with all the hot mommas sitting in the pews.
     In the meantime, my lack of sincerity made it difficult for me to remain in line with my Christian convictions.

     Instead, I over looked my spiritual promptings and continued to indulge in sinful pleasures, even though I knew it was wrong. These dire straits are experienced by many Christians to some extent, as the apostle Paul attest in Romans 7:15-20 of the New Testament: “For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do. . . .”  (NKJV) Needless to say, I was doing nothing more than jerking myself around—teetering on the fence between righteousness and unrighteousness.

Love Center Choir

     A couple of years earlier, while still living in San Jose, I would listen to the Love Center Choir over the radio. This gospel group headed by the late Reverend Walter Hawkins (1949 – 2010) was based in East Oakland. His choir had multiple hit albums, such as Love Alive III and Love Alive IV. During that time I was stressed and depressed about my divorce, but the music consoled my spirit.
     Then during the current time while in Oakland, I was prompted to seek out the Love Center Church, which was located in the former Concordia High School building at 6325 Camden Street at the time. This time I attended without Sookie; since she made no indications of remaining straight.
     The video below was recorded at the Love Alive V 25th Anniversary concert, and taken from the 1998 album.

The following video is titled: For My Good – Walter Hawkins & the Love Center Choir, loaded by Kadeem Graves on Apr 21, 2010, (4:55) minutes:

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