Oak Town Prelude

Chapter T: Oak Town Haps

     The previous chapter recounted my battle with a corrupt spirituality; while this chapter deals with my seduction into the low-life criminality of the Oakland drug culture. It is only by the grace of God that I was able to survive these treacherous ordeals and come out unscathed. Even though I had some apprehensions about my indwelling quest for social interaction, I was about to have a great deal of misgivings later.

A Portrait of Oakland

     Oakland—the sister city to San Francisco—is a noted maritime container facility, which is the largest on the west coast. It’s a town that gives me the creeps, with sub-division names like Ghost Town, Jingle Town, Funk Town and Dog Town; plus, there are neighborhood names like The Killing Fields. Other nicknames are Oaktown, The O, and The Town. Another moniker is Oaksterdam, a name given for the medical marijuana shops in town. “There’s no there there,” is an Oakland saying initiated by the late poet Gertrude Stein, in which she expresses the demise of her childhood neighborhood; a phenomenon apparent in many inner cities.

     The town is also the home of unruly organizations such as the Black Panthers, and the Hells Angels. The former People’s Temple was also based in town.


     Even the colors of the Raiders are devoid of vibrancy, such as black, and the lack luster silver, better known as gray. During September, 2009, the Discovery Channel focused on the violence in Oakland, with a two-part series called “Gang Wars: Oakland.” 1 The channel’s web site calls Oakland “the new front-line in an American gang war” and says, “The murder rate rivals a war zone.”
     With all this violence, the town was given the following descriptive name: “Baby Iraq.” During one shootout, there were so many shells left lying on the street that the police ran out of plastic markers. Oakland is known to have more people on probation and parole than any other U.S. city per capita.

The following is a documentary titled: Gang Wars: Oakland 1 (1 of 5) in HD , loaded by poppimple on Sep 15, 2009, (9:56) minutes:

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