Off to the Exorcism

Zeroing In

     When we arrived down stairs, I noticed that the room was void of furniture, except for three chairs in the middle. Two of the chairs were facing in toward the one in the middle. They sat me down, while both guys sat on each side. I was expecting them to tie me down to the chair with ropes.
     Next, I uttered, “You guys is serious about this—huh?”
     “As serious as they come,” one exclaimed.

     He also displayed a crucifix in front of me, and asked how did it make me feel? I replied that I was cool with it, and I didn’t feel anything unusual about it. From then on they started praying for me in Spanish, English and in tongues while bracing themselves for a violent encounter. A couple of times I flinched; however, I maintained my composure and didn’t hiss or let out any guttural sounds. Their prayers weren’t pleads, they were demands.


     Then one of them said, “How ‘bout we douse him with some Holy water to see if he starts fuming?”
     “No! No! No! Don’t “ch dare.” I replied.
     Then the other one asked, “What’s the matter Sonny? You scared?”
     I answered, “I got my best rags on man—I don’t want ya’ll to get ‘em all wet.”

     Finally, after about half a hour of spiritual rebukes, binding, loosing, and adjuring, I surmised that the malignant imps should have made a run for it.
     Later they ceased praying and terminated the session. After returning upstairs, Lupe said to repent again of my sins and strive for holiness. Then she recommended that I return in seven days in case there may be some demons lurking in my deep recesses. She continued to say, “I’m setting your next appointment for next Thursday. What’s best for you—afternoons or evenings? This is an ongoing process, since some demons may hide by lying dormant—waiting for the coast to clear.” Finally, she demanded that I keep praying and return to regular church attendance, and remain clear of the bondage of A.A.
     I thanked them, said praise the Lord and left the house. In the meantime, I started wondering if anything was really achieved. For some reason though, I did feel different and more at ease. Looking back, I noticed that I didn’t feel as psychologically twisted as I was previously. It was like I just had a bad dream—worst yet, a nightmare. I was reminded of the Wicca witch of the East nightmare I had several days before. However, I felt much calmer, but later became jinxed in other ways.
     Three years after this experience, the International Association of Exorcists—a Roman Catholic organization was founded in 1993. Ten years following, the American Association of Exorcists (AAE)—a more protestant oriented organization was founded in 2003.1 In gist, the Christian community was openly taking the phenomenon of exorcism seriously.

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