Today in Vallejo

A Couple of Ironical Events

     On May 6, 2008, the city of Vallejo filed for bankruptcy, becoming the largest to do so in California. The city had been financially ailing ever since the time I had arrived on the scene and sooner. This may explain why my entrepreneur aggressiveness had been widely accepted with open arms. I felt that my degree in business gave me the wisdom and training to develop a successful business enterprise. Today it looks as if someone had adopted my ideas; because there was a Cuban night club in the very establishment that I had intended to acquire and revamp, which was a sports bar at the time with live entertainment. The Google image below can be rotated to show the entire street.

Havana Sol entrance advertisement

Restored Interior of Empress Theater

     The club, named Havana Sol, was recently a restaurant and bar offering Salsa and Latin Jazz entertainment; this is exactly what I had envisioned. Unfortunately, however, the restaurant was closed recently after being opened for several years. Furthermore, the theater next door has been restored. It has been named the Empress, and offers live concerts featuring world class musicians as well as local talents.
     When I first discovered this during research for this book, it all seemed sort of eerie and spooky to say the least. Someone or ones had implemented my ideas, rather than me. Other organizations that knew of my plans were the Vallejo City Planning Commission and the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Inc.

     If only I had a level head at the time and pursued my brainchild, I may have been a successful business man today, instead of a floundering jerk.

     During the time of this writing, a North Korean tramp steamer was intercepted as it headed toward the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal on its way to the Pacific and its final destination of North Korea. Hidden under about 240,000 white sacks of raw brown Cuban sugar, Panamanian officials found shipping containers with parts of a radar system for a surface-to-air missile defense system supposedly being shipped to North Korea for repairs, after which time the system would be returned to Cuba. All the fuss is because that would indeed be a breach of the sanctions relating to North Korea.

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