Interrogations Terminated

On the Way Home

     After getting off the elevator and exiting the building, there were two suited up distinguished looking gentlemen standing outside. One was ruddy looking and spoke with a British accent that sounded like the Geico lizard—the gecko. I overheard him say, “Where’s that bloody yellow (cab)?” I freaked out, since I thought he might have been an English bloke from MI5—Britain’s military intelligence agents—the ones in Jimmy Bond’s league.

     On the way back to my trailer in San Lorenzo, I focused so much on my rear view mirror that I almost had an accident. Mostly I was glad they didn’t decide to water-board me. Being that I can’t swim, I would’ve sung like a canary.

     Once back home, I expelled a sigh of relief. I had never been so paranoid—even when high on marijuana.
     As I exited my vehicle, my neighbor came up and greeted me. I gave him a brief rundown on what happened and how I was interrogated by the FBI and CIA. He said the CIA doesn’t normally get involved domestically; unless it’s an international incident. I told him it was an incident with international repercussions. Then he began joking.
     He asked, “How many CIA spooks does it take to screw in a light bulb?”
     “Watch it!” I replied.
     “I don’t mean black spies. I’m asking about clandestine, undercover subversives, commonly known as CIA spooks—no matter what their race.”
     “Oh, well I don’t know man. How many?” I replied.
     “They’ll never accept the assignment; because like most other spooks, they’d rather work in the dark”
     After grinning and showing some teeth, his answer seemed to relieve some stress and lift my spirit.

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