Tweakin’ on the CIA

Suspicious Looking Characters

Furious business man

     Before exiting the building, I had to ride the elevator back down to the lobby. As the door opened, I noticed a mean looking brute with folded arms already on board. With his business attire, he looked to be a typical Hollywood secret agent. In any case, I feared he might be a clandestine CIA operative wanting to take me out; so I said to him, “That’s ok. I’ll take the next one.” Then while I waited for the next elevator ride going down, I imagined he could have suddenly wrapped a string of 0.006 inch diameter piano wire around my neck from behind and stretched it tight.

     Next, a tiny elderly woman dressed in a yellow slicker raincoat with a matching hat and a black umbrella, came scurrying down the hall and stood beside me. After we entered the elevator, I stood with my back to the wall and watched her as she stared me down through her dark shades. In fact, the glasses were so dark; I couldn’t discern which way her eyeballs were focused, which left me with a creepy feeling. According to the outside weather, the shades made sense, but the rain wear didn’t pan out; because it was a typical cloudless sunny California day.
     When the door opened, I stood back and played the gentleman, as I let her off first without taking my eyes off of her. I dared not blink. I feared she may suddenly jab me in the foot with the point of a poisoned dart protruding from the bottom of her umbrella. Moreover, the slicker was a good way to keep blood from splattering back on her. For a brief moment, I suddenly day dreamed that she was jabbing and sticking me in my foot, while I dodged and hoped around.

To be continued

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