More Inquisitive CIA

The Vanishing Spook

     Before proceeding to the mens’ room, I straightened my tie in front of the mirror; then I waved hi to the G-men watching from the other side.
     On the way back from the rest room, I deduced that any good lawyer would proclaim that they got nothin’—that it was all circumstantial. While being escorted back to the conference room they decided to let me go before I could lawyer up. Then I asked one of them what had happened to the CIA agent, since he wasn’t around. “He left. Don’t worry about him,” one of them replied. I regarded the agent to have been a typical CIA spook, since they come and go with little notice.

     Next I asked, “He didn’t look CIA.”
     “Well whoop-de-doo,” he replied sarcastically. “What do you know. CIA don’t look CIA.”
     Next time he swings through I’ll tell him he should wear his white dinner jacket with a red carnation, like he wears at the casinos in Vegas. We know that all spies must draw attention and make public spectacles of themselves,” he continued.

     Before exiting the office one of them asked me what I knew about Watergate?
     “Something about some Cubans breaking into an office for Nixon, and something about erased tapes,” I answered.
     Next he asked, “Who whacked Kennedy?”
     I responded, “Oswald, who was connected to Cuba somehow, and some guy from the grassy knool.”
     Finally, one of them said, “We’ll be keepin’ our eyes on you; and leave the covert subversions to our CIA field operatives. We don’t like Castro nor Che neither.”
     As I waited in the hallway for the elevator, it was all beginning to make sense. The cloud was beginning to clear. There was a Cuban thread linked to all these conspiracies. This must be why they were steady on my case. See video below.

The following is a video clip titled: Watergate = Bay of Pigs = Dallas JFK assassination., loaded by Paul Kangas on May 14, 2011 (2:38) minutes:

To be continued

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