More FBI Interrogation

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The Third Degree

     Let’s get this straight Mr. Thompson: President Bush (Sr.) doesn’t need another Bay of Pigs fiasco. Castro sent that first gang of roughshod mercenaries high tailing back to the same beach they landed on—the Bay of Pigs.
     He resumed by asking, “What was that run to Gotham back in ’72 all about?”
     I replied that we went down there to make a hit.
     “A hit!” he replied. At that instant he reached down and pressed the record button on a cassette recorder. “Hit who—who’d y’all whack?”

     To clear up the confusion, I explained that Vito had connections in the recording industry, so he took me and the rest of the group to the city to hopefully record a “hit” album.
     “What scam was to come of that?” he responded.

Some of the mercenary Brigade 2506

     I continued, “Vito claimed he also had a connect in Vegas that could get us in to play the casinos.”
     Then he retorted that anyone can play the casinos, “So why would you guys need him?”
     “No, I meant to perform,” I answered.
     “So far I see the mob smeared all over this,” he exclaimed. “Don’t you realize that the recording industry and Vegas casinos are both tied to organized crime?

     Now it sounds like you’re involved with an anti-Castro conspiracy. Boy you in big trouble if this is all true.”

Brigade mercenaries taken as prisoners

     He continued by mentioning that the mob had wanted to liquidate Castro ever since he took over their casinos in Havana. “So who are you in cahoots with, and what’s your angle?” he asked.
     He then leaned over and was all up in my face. I had to lean back in the chair, since I thought he was gonna suddenly bitch slap me.

     It was obvious to me that he was using the old stare-down and threat ploys.
     Then he asked, “How about your boy Pepe? Where’s he from?”
     I replied, “He’s from Santa Clara.”
     “¿Santa Clara de Cuba?” he questioned sarcastically with a smirk on his face.
     “Nawh man. Santa Clara, California. Just down the road.”
     Next I said, “Can’t ‘cha tell I’m just a regular guy? I’m out to help law enforcement. That’s why I went to the academy.”
     “What do you take me for?” he responded. “Some malcontents attend the academy just so they can learn our ways to avoid us getting the drop on them. Furthermore, it’s you regular guys we watch out for.”

     Even till today, the BOP victory is still celebrated by the Castro regime. And if our current U.S. political administration continues on the current path, we’ll windup just like Cuba, or even worse.

The following video clip is titled: Cuba celebrates ending Bay of Pigs invasion , loaded by Euronews on Apr 16, 2011, (1:03) minutes:

To be continued

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