Canines and Mariachis

Canine Triple Agents

     Later that day I ran into Pepe, a guy that I had attended bar tending school with. He was a mariachi lead singer involved with a local band in San Jose. Our intentions were to incorporate his band in our nightclub show line-up. He asked for a ride, which I was obliged to do; since I was longing for some company. Besides, I wanted him to witness the surveillance that was taking place.

     While riding along, a car gradually passed us with a German shepherd in it. The dog was leaning out the window and staring at me. Then suddenly its ears perked up, and it withdrew its tongue back into its mouth and stopped panting.
     I turned to Pepe and said, “Did you see that?”
     “See what?” he replied.
     I said, “That dog in the car; I bet ‘ch it’s a law enforcement agent.”
     He replied, “Man you is trippin’.”
     Then I said, “Why not? They have police canines don’t they, that sometimes double as narcs and bomb squad officers? Why can’t they triple as FBI agents?”
     Meanwhile, the dog was still staring back at me after the car passed. I swear it was steady on my case. Obviously the leak in my think tank was getting larger; because rational and logical thinking seemed not to take hold.

Pancho and Cisco

     During our ride, I suggested a cut up we could perform during his mariachi show: I could have a suit made of a different color than the rest of the band. Plus I could wear a plain-looking sombrero, and play my trumpet during a few numbers. Mainly we could impersonate Pancho and Cisco—with me portraying Pancho during a slap-stick skit.
     Just then Pepe clowned by saying, “Oh Pancho!”
     Naturally I responded with, “Oh Cisco!”

     Today, as it was then, there are approximately a dozen mariachi bands for hire in the San Jose, California. After extensive Internet research I was unable to locate Pepe and his band. Moreover, I can’t remember the name of the band and Pepe probably looks much older, since it’s been over twenty years ago. The animated image here is included as an example of a typical San Jose local mariachi band.

To be continued

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