Cell Phone Surveillance

Mobile Phone Tracking


Old school cell phone

     These guys weren’t as dumb as I thought, because the freakiest thing happened whenever I turned up the volume on the car cassette player. Each time I did this, my cell phone would begin to ring. At that time I had the kind that was the size of a shoeshine box and had to be toted around. Today these relics are probably sitting on a shelf at the Smithsonian. I surmised that they had planted a bug somewhere in the car and were monitoring the sounds coming from within my car interior.

     So whenever I pumped up the car stereo volume, they must have been unable to hear what else was going on in the car, because of the loud music. Since the bug picked up audio, the loud music must have triggered them to ring my cell phone in order to detect if I was on the line talking to some comrade that was in on the conspiracy. The first two times I answered there was no response. Thereafter, every time I turned up the sound, the phone would ring again. From then on I wouldn’t answer. I deduced that since they never received a busy signal, they were able to determine that I was not talking on that cell phone.

Cell Tower Triangulation


     Another probable reason for causing me to answer the phone is so that they could triangulate my position. This is achieved based on the angles of signals received from multiple towers that surround a transmitting cell phone. With this sort of advantage, they would be able to break off visual surveillance, and track my whereabouts back at telecom headquarters.


Cell Phone Tracking Prior to GPS

     Phone surveillance is the act of monitoring phone conversations, data monitoring and location tracking of a phone. Before the era of mobile phones, these used to refer to the tapping of phone lines via a method called wiretapping. Wiretapping has now been replaced by software that monitors the cell phones of users.

     During the time of this writing (July 1st, 2013), the NSA and FBI have already been discovered to have been monitoring and recording civilian phone communications. For a recent article titled: How Your Mobile Phone Can Spy On You, Thanks to the FBI click here. Already geeks have been developing tracking and anti tracking software that may be purchased for private use.

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