It’s the Bomb

[Be for warned that reading this article my cause a NSA hit on your site.]

A Breakfast Encounter

     The next morning I headed straight away to the local diner for breakfast. Soon after I took my seat at the counter, an adorable looking gal sat beside me. She was of a brunet of average height, with a pony tail and wearing short shorts. Moreover, she displayed an overwhelming interest in striking up a conversation with me and delving into my business. Her facial countenance displayed an air of sophistication, even though she came on like a local country girl.
     Since I was suspicious of her as being a fake, I held back on how much I revealed to her about myself, just in case she may have been an undercover agent. As we finished our plates, she invited me to meet her the next morning, so she could get to know me better. Before we departed, I accepted and told her we should get a booth tomorrow morning.

Sticky Bombs, IEDs and Such

     As I began to roll down East 14th Street after breakfast that morning, the first thing I noticed was a squish, squish sound coming from one of the front tires as I rolled down the street. My immediate conjecture was that they had removed my tire overnight and planted a device that would blow out my tire from a remote electronic trigger device; that’s if I attempted to make a run for it.

Demonstration of sticky bomb." placement

Sticky bomb placement demo

     After some later research, I learned that such devices were not mere fantasies.
Tires have been known to be used for planting bombs, surreptitious tracking devices and surreptitious eavesdropping devices. Bombs with a C-4 charge can be triggered to explode from a remote controlled device. These devices are in the hands of law enforcement, criminal assassins (Mafia) and terrorist.

     Without removing the tire a quicker plant is to use a sticky bomb that can be stuck directly to the outside of the tire or to the undercarriage of the vehicle. The sticky bombs used in the movie In Search of Private Ryan to blow tank tracks are a crude version. After extensive Internet research I failed to find a device that fit the exact description to what I had experienced. My contention was that the device was planted so as to blow the tire only, instead of blowing up the whole car and taking a chance on killing me; just in case I proved to be innocent later—which I was. This must have been done in case I made a run for it during another scenic excursion of Northern California.
     In any case, the next day the sound was gone. They must’ve removed the device overnight as I slept, similar to the same time they installed it the previous night. Thinking back, I should have taken the car immediately to a shop and had the tire inspected. Till this day, I’m still pissed that I didn’t, because I could’ve caught them red handed. Indeed something was definitely going on. Even though I had gone bonkers, these strange circumstances were beginning to pan out.

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