The Keystone Cops

Surveillance Continues

     The image shown below illustrates the major components of the FBI’s floating-box system of vehicle surveillance. This system is used to track a person(s) without losing them and revealing the surveillance team.

The FBI’s floating-box system that was used while shadowing me.

     This is another surveillance tactic I learned at the police academy. It works swell in towns built with streets on a grid system. However, in rural areas and on highways, eyes in the sky are called in, such as a Cessna or a helicopter. Newsworthy at the time of this writing is the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)—drones for short. These craft are often preferred for missions that are too “dull, dirty, and dangerous” for manned aircraft. Tailing me may have been somewhat dangerous and dirty, but I was going to be sure it would not be “dull.”
      So, I proceeded to have some fun. I lead my shadows on a wild goose chase, from San Lorenzo to Oakland, to Sacramento, to San Francisco, to San Jose, to Santa Cruz, and back to San Lorenzo. It was essentially a northern California scenic trip.
     To verify a tail, I conjured up a little evasive tactic. I pulled off onto an exit ramp, stopped the car, turned off the motor and lights, and slouched down. Sure enough, two local patrol cars immediately zoomed by. I figured, what would be the odds of something like that happening? No doubt they were hot on my tail; thus my suspicions were confirmed.

     About a minute later I decided to take off again. After driving down to the underpass, I crossed over and drove up the entrance to get back on the highway. As I began accelerating on the ramp, I noticed emergency lights flashing from the light bars of two cruisers up ahead on the side of the road. While passing by I saw two cops standing and chatting outside their vehicles. As soon as they saw me, they began running towards their vehicles like a couple of goofy Keystone Cops. Needless to say, the tail was on again.
     At the next exit I got off again and drove down a frontage road about 100 yards before making a u-turn. While heading back in the opposite direction, they went whizzing pass again. From the rear view mirror, I viewed the jerks hitting their breaks. Evidently they must’ve whipped around in order to resume the tail. For some reason they kept their distance, and never lit me up. I assume they were told to just spook me, or to see if they could force my hand in some way.
     No doubt these cops were the kind that confuses the floor with the ground when asking someone to lie down during an arrest.

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