FBI, in the Sky

Time for Analysis

     Meanwhile, as I sat in the classroom, I contemplated the seriousness of what had just gone down. Were the police that scared of me enough to wield a gun? I asked myself why they couldn’t see what a dodo Angie was. Furthermore, what was her angle? Why had she come on to me so heavy on the ballroom floor, and became so willing to hit the sack. Plus her intentions of enrolling in bartender classes, just so she could be with me. Finally, her fascination and inquisitiveness about my mob affiliations in Upstate New York. In any case, it was all getting too foggy.


     All the surveillance that was about to occur was right down my alley, since I had studied investigative methodologies at the Evergreen Police Academy in San Jose. The source of the course materials were direct from the big boys at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Being that I had learned from the heavies, I figured I’d toy with my shadows and have some fun.

Swarming Pigs

     The highlight happened the next morning, when I was awakened by what sounded like a single engine aircraft that buzzed over my trailer park in San Lorenzo. That was the first time that I’ve known of this to occur, since planes don’t normally fly so low in that air space. After all, the farm lands of the San Joaquin Valley were nowhere near; so it couldn’t have been a crop duster. I reasoned that they were all waiting for me that morning and hoped the plane would wake me up so we could get the game on.

The following is a video clip from the movie Casino  titled The Feds Run Out of Gas , loaded by movieclips on Jun 16, 2011, showing the last (1:23) minutes:

     When I went outside, that’s when I noticed a drastic increase in neighborhood activities including: guys sitting in parked vehicles, some working under the hoods of alleged stalled vehicles, an overcrowded Enterprise car rental lot next door, and men working in a manhole. All of them were careful not to look directly at me, lest they blow their cover.
     Coming back on the second pass, I was anticipating the pilot to fly upside down, so he could get a better view of me. However, I noticed the plane was a closed cab Cessna. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years later, in ’95, when I saw the movie Casino, that I became aware that the FBI used such aircraft. I was elated when I saw this, since this revelation confirmed my suspicion and cleared some of the fog.

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