Spiritual Enlightenment


The doc get’s to crackin’

     I was whacked out of my mind (mentally unstable) during that time as a result of the stress and trauma experienced from the divorce. Moreover, as mentioned previously, things seem to really change after undergoing chiropractic treatment for a chronic back pain I incurred some time back. It seemed like once the doc had cracked some bones in my vertebrae, I underwent some severe mental changes.

     All at once I felt a strong feeling of enlightenment overcome me and a spirit of wittiness. Suddenly everyone and everything seemed to be funny. Moreover, I had experienced a superior mentality—like I was smarter and cleverer than everyone else. In other words, my brain had gone into overdrive. It was as if the circuitry of my brain had been rewired. One could say I had gone loco, had a leak in my think tank, was missing a few marbles, etc.
     My whole attitude changed toward being more outgoing instead of being shy and withdrawn. Furthermore, an insatiable appetite for women overcame me. I became “broad minded.” Almost every woman that crossed my path became prey. Plane looking and elderly woman made no difference. They were all fair game. I played the role of a first class player. Needless to say, I was perplexed as to what had happened to me.


     Since I had some prior knowledge about the disciplines of eastern mysticism, I honed in on the teaching of Shakti as the cause of my sudden mind trip. To use a pun: the sudden mental change after chiropractic bone setting was indeed a shock. The meaning of Shakti is described as follows from the website http://www.answers.com/topic/shakti:

http://meditationisforyou.org/meditations-for-enlightenment/ In Hinduism, the “creative energy” inherent in and proceeding from God. It is exemplified by the female principle, the female reproductive organs, or the goddess Shakti, wife of Shiva. As energy, shakti is viewed as the merging of powers emanating from male gods, and it is possessed by each person. In Tantric Hinduism, the goddess Shakti is associated with the lowest of the chakras, lying dormant within the body as a coiled serpent (Kundalini) that must be aroused to reach spiritual liberation by uniting with Shiva at the top of the head.

To be continued

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