Wacky Entrepreneur

Chapter Q: East Bay of Pigs – 1

     The following two chapters are the longest and the most dramatic. Here I reveal how I drifted into a realm of spiritual confusion that resulted in my sudden run in with law enforcement, because of an incident that had the potential for international ramifications. Even though this episode came to a fortunate end, the perplexity of what happened still haunts me till the time of this writing. The purpose for the chapter names: East Bay of Pigs 1 and East Bay of Pigs 2, will be revealed later.

Wacky Entrepreneur

     The following incidents transpired in 1990—the year of the Persian Gulf War. Approximately a year after my divorce, I had a notion to play the entrepreneur and purchase an abandoned movie theater that was for sale in Vallejo, California. To initiate the deal, the funds were available from an IBM retirement buy out, which I accepted when I terminated my employment with the company. In addition, I had viewed a night club next door called Talk of the Town, with a two-story hotel on top. My oldest son Tone, had accompanied me during several trips to check out these potential investments, which are pictured below.

     My plan was to purchase these two properties located on Virginia Street. Real estate agents of these properties were impressed with my charisma and charm. I also impressed volunteers at the Chamber of Commerce office, and recorded most events with a VHS-C video camera. I even put down $10,000 on the nightclub.


Oakland Paramount Theater

     I also reserved the Oakland Paramount for the upcoming Good Friday for $2,000. I planned to book several renown bands for a concert that weekend. After a couple of weeks passed, the theater management returned the check because of a lack of sufficient public advertisement for the event. I was too busy contacting the musical groups, instead of spreading the word.

     My dress attire was fly, with two toned spectator shoes, pressed three-piece suits and a fedora. I looked like one of the 5Ps: a pimp, a player, a pusher, a preacher or a public enemy. I drove around in a used white 1988 Pontiac Sunbird that I had recently purchased from the Hertz car rental fleet. As I drove down the freeway while talking on my cell phone, I’d get stares and smiles from the chicks as we passed each other. Needless to say, I was on an ego trip.

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  1. Just stopping in to say I really like your blog. I found it on Google and I’ll be back soon.

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