Clearing the Floor

Ego Trippin’

     While in my wild state, there were several occasions when I stood out on the dance floor. A couple of times I lead a Conga line, while doing the Samba. However, when doing the Merengue, my partner Carmen and I would clear the floor. Some of the dancers would stand to the side and watch us, while others would continue dancing around the perimeter. When performing this dance, Carmen enjoyed strutting around and fanning her dress like a Mariachi dancer. [Inset photo right, shows Carmen's typical ballroom dance attire.]

     Both of us were proud with inflated egos and we enjoyed all the attention.
     The dance strategy I used was simple: I integrated traditional Salsa and Bolero steps into the Merengue. Some of the dudes standing around the edge didn’t seem to catch on, which was all the better for me; because it put me in the spotlight. We were both intentionally show boating.
     At the end of the dance she said, “Like wow! That was totally awesome—fer sher.”
     I asked where she was from.
     She replied, “Mission Hills—like down in the San Fernando Valley, you know?”
     In some ways it made little sense, because I thought all Valley girls were dorky white chicks—not Latinas. Moreover, I never heard of señoritas that spoke “Valspeak.” Later, during another dance, I found out she was Italian, not Latina. A few other times we managed to only partially clear the floor while doing the Salsa, since many couples were anticipating us to show the same sorta of mastery with this dance style.
     I often think of a statement by Chayanne to Vanessa Williams in the movie Dance with Me: “Dancing comes from the music.” I consider this to be a description of “dancing with soul.” It’s an artistic form that one can achieve after becoming proficient at performing an assortment of dance maneuvers. It can be compared to a musician that can improvise a grandiose solo, once they’ve mastered their instrument. You just loosen up and dance from the heart, which is what I was eventually able to do.
     Below is a prime example of the typical dance floor environment when clearing the floor. The name of the movie in Spanish is Baila Conmigo.

The following is a video titled ave maria morena, loaded by chayanne0506 on Sep 19, 2011: (4:05 mins):

     In any case, I was solely on a power trip: since I had overcome the fears and shyness about girls and dancing that I had retained up until that time. It was the same type of fortitude I had managed to overcome about public speaking when behind the pulpit as a preacher, and in the classroom as a technical instructor. Meanwhile, I still have a fear of drowning; since I still can’t swim.

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