Conclusion N


     As the counterculture movement was beginning to subside in the early ’70s, a cease-fire agreement was signed in Paris in 1973, thus ending the Vietnam War and initiating the exit of all remaining US troops from the country. Prior to the exit, however, military personnel having positive drug test results were confined to a detoxification center in ‘Nam, and not allowed to return home until they could pass a piss test. The following segment from the article Addiction is a Choice shows the severity of the problem, as documented by Jeffrey A Schaler., Ph.D:

A notable study of 943 randomly selected Vietnam veterans, 495 of whose urine samples tested positive for opiates when they came back from Vietnam, was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense and led by epidemiologist Lee N. Robins.

     Despite the United States ending its participation in the war, many troops brought their heroin addictions home with them; thus, this gave an additional boost to the number of drug users in the declining counterculture movement. During this age of disco frenzy, cokin’ became increasingly popular, which gave way to crack during the early ’80s.
     Also during my work as a cultbuster, I gained insights into the psychological manipulation and persuasions employed by cults. In later years I would discover the similarities used by 12 Step programs. Link to for an extensive blog on this subject.


     During those years, I was adamant about defending the Christian faith against cults and isims. I must admit, I was guilty of preaching hell fire and damnation, a dogma I was never comfortable with. Nevertheless, however, members in the Christian community had later revealed that I should have had more prayer coverage while waging spiritual warfare; that is, while exposing diabolical doctrines and opposing demonic influences.

     As will be seen in upcoming chapters, I’m convinced this lack of coverage caused me to become involved in some strange and dire situations in short time.
     As mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, I was influenced into getting involved with a cult busting ministry after hearing the sounds of demonic spirits from a cassette tape. Of course these sounds revealed the deep end of the demonic spectrum, which caused me to become addicted to cult busting. From this new revelation I established the Berean Research Ministry and also became involved with other evangelical cult busters who participated as members in the Berkeley Christian Coalition. Needless to say, I had acquired another addiction.
     As was noted later in this chapter, I documented a few Christian aberrations that operate on the opposite end of the demonic spectrum. That is, it is difficult to categorize their true religious intentions and the reason they have been labeled “fringe elements.”
     While reading JW and Mormon publications, I discovered that they define their gods as living on or near the star system Pleiades, or for Mormons on a star base near the planet Kolob. Obviously these documents reveal two religious organizations that operate in both demonic realms.


     Another fad during the pop culture of the ’60s and early ’70s was the hypothesis of purported intelligent extraterrestrial beings said to have visited Earth in prehistoric times. This is documented in the book Chairiots of the Gods which is about alleged intelligent extraterrestrial life who visited the Earth in ancient times and profoundly affected the development of human civilization.
     As a final note, I was honored to have been offered a position to represent the Jewish community in a scheme to sever the ties of their youth’s involvement with destructive religious cults.

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