Mind Bending Cults

Burn Victims

     Mental programming was the method used on Patty Hearst to persuade her to sympathize with the S.L.A. (Symbionese Liberation Army), a self-styled cultist militant group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Controversy had revolved about her alleged seduction to brainwashing. The highlight of their activities, however, occurred in L.A., where a shootout with the LAPD resulted in five members of the group perishing in a house fire started by a teargas grenade. Luckily, Patty was in the Bay Area during the event.

Ironically, similar incidents like this have occurred: such as the bomb dropped on the Move headquarters in West Philadelphia—burning down two city blocks and killing 11 people. Ironically, during that time there was a similar commune located only a few blocks from the home I was raised in on 56th Street.

     In addition, the FBI and ATF’s military assault on the Waco compound, finishing off members of the Branch Davidian cult that was caused by incendiary gas bombs. For obvious reasons, members of mind bending cults should be very leery of barricading themselves from officials attempting to eject them, less they wind up as a pile of burnt cinders. I contend that these events can be attributed to two causes: 1) the blind allegiance and surrender of logical reasoning by the cultist, and 2) the government’s over reaction, rather than patiently waiting out the cultist.

Dare to Be Great

     A few years earlier, while attending programming school, I was recruited into Dare to Be Great, a self-help positive thinking movement. Members who were already converted used brainwashing tactics to recruit others into the organization. People were taught to control their minds and change their thought processes from neutral or negative, to positive. The founder of the movement was Glenn Turner—a Svengali like impressionist.

When they first attempted to recruit me, I was solidly determined not to be seduced by their indoctrination techniques. It was obvious to me that they were acting out well choreographed theatrical antics. They played on the traditional desire of human greed, by enticing us with the promise of immense monetary gains.

     On the other hand, after about a weekend of rigorous meeting schedules, sleep and nourishment deprivation, I was surprised at how easily I flipped over to their side. I had been submitted to a typical brainwashing procedure. Their carefully intended scam worked. I was physically and mentally worn down, and reluctantly handed over a check for $500.
     Once they got my check, the pressure subsided. Then after about two months of not succeeding with their motivational pyramid scheme, I became disappointed and terminated my activities in the movement. The positive outcome to this was that the experience made me aware of cultist recruitment techniques, and what their subjects undergo during the recruitment process.
     I’ve compared this scenario to the Stockholm Syndrome; whereas a hostage sympathizes with their captors. Since I was in a posture of duress—sorta like Patty Hearst—I considered myself to have been a hostage, while the Turner associates were my captors.

http://100777.com/brainwashing     NOTE: In addition to many religious cults and sects, brainwashing is used daily in organizations such as the military, sales, service, education, and addiction rehabilitation services. Rapid behavior modification is the primary goal. Any attempt to provide a thorough description on the subject in this limited post, would only be a disservice to the extensiveness of the subject.

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