Crime Fighting

Miami Vice

     Ever since the break in of my parent’s house in West Philly several years ago on Christmas day, I maintained my resolve to become a crime buster. I wanted a badge, so I’d have the authority to go around and put some knots on the heads of criminal degenerates. In fact, my idols were Crockett and Tubbs, of the TV show Miami Vice.

     I delighted in the tropical weather, beaches, and pastel colors shown on the show. Moreover, I had a hankering to hunt down and bust some drug traffickers.
     To follow up with my convictions, I called the Miami-Dade Police Department, and asked them what I needed to do to get on their vice squad. An officer informed me that first I would have to attend the police academy; then work the beat for a season, next become a detective, and finally transfer to vice. He capped off by saying, “Buddy, this ain’t no TV act; we play for keeps down here.” Nevertheless, during the following fall, I enrolled at the Evergreen Police Academy in San Jose. However, after a year of evening classes I dropped out, due to my tight schedule

Samsung Semicondoctor

     After dropping out of the academy, I ventured into becoming a security guard as a means to fight crime. Since I had free weekends, I applied for a job as a security guard at the Guardsmark security firm.

     Because of my stationary engineering background, they assigned me to work Saturday and Sunday evenings at the Samsung U.S. headquarters facility in North San Jose. Since Samsung is a silicon chip manufacturer from South Korea, my skills were primarily used to monitor the equipment and systems used during the operation of their semiconductor production facility.

     On one occasion some thieves had scaled the back fence and stole bundles of copper wire. Most likely they were junkies who needed cash for their daily habits, since copper is a valuable commodity that can be easily recycled and resold.
     The most interesting adventure of the job was busting couples making out in the company parking lot. With flashlight in hand, I’d creep up on them, and suddenly light ‘em up. Before they could cover up, I’d get some erotic views of the gals. It was like “Ooh la la. Hubba hubba.”
     The same thing occurred several times in alleys at the back of the complex. Similar to the employees, I’d catch the guys with their pants down and the gals with their dresses up. I suppose I could have hooked up with some of the gals who worked the assembly line, since they’d often make google-eyes at me while I made my rounds. However, my Christian convictions were too strong to be seduced by their advances.

One comment on “Crime Fighting

  1. The one thing I hate more than a liar, is a thief. I don’t just mean the kind of thief that steals your belongings, I mean every kind of thief there is.

    Case in point:

    If a man or woman cheats on their spouse, they have robbed the innocent one of a faithful marriage.

    If a child lies to his or her parent, that child in fact robs that parent of the trust that is lost due to their lies.

    If a parent fails to raise their child, that parent robs that child of a loving relationship.

    As you know Sonny, there are many types of possessions; some of which are irreplaceable .

    We as Christians must strive to keep our most prize possession, our conviction to our Heavenly Father, forever in our hearts.

    Inspring post.

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