Alien Invasion

     Chambers continued to explain their encounter with the brass when he said, “We both broke out into a blank stare at him, and later we glanced at each other. It was obvious to us that we were to act like a couple of monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil. We weren’t going crazy. We know what we saw, and it wasn’t any computer gremlins.”
     According to both of them, obviously, it was another UFO cover up. Certainly, this must have been another incident that was classified as insignificant to our government, but significant enough to have been entered in Project Blue Book.
     Moving forward to a month prior to Chambers’ scheduled discharge, I asked him what he planned to do during civilian life. After hemming and hawing, he said he was considering moving to New Mexico to look for work. Then a couple of days later, I ran into Tibbs who told me, “Chambers has been talking about joining some group in Roswell. He showed me a picture of them, and they looked like typical UFO cult, trailer trash hippies. That boy been believing in flying saucers and aliens ever since we saw those unexplained blips on the computer screen a year ago. I tell you Tommy—which was my Air Force tag—he done gone bonkers.”

Lunch time UFO watch

Lunch time UFO watch

     I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Chambers was so passionate about his belief in UFOs, that he banked his future on them. I became frustrated; because there was nothing I could do for the poor soul. A few years later, after doing some research, I learned that most UFO “cult leaders” claim to be have been contacted or abducted.

     Meanwhile, during another evening of conversation with Tibbs at the Airmen’s Club, he mentioned a recent incident that was incurred by another radar console operator. Tibbs had informed me that three more unrecognized blips were viewed and reported; and as before, the brass covered up the entire incident.
     Tibbs continued by stating, “Tommy. I think we’re being spied upon in preparation for an invasion from outer space. And I ain’t kiddin’ man.”
     “Say man,” I replied, “I signed up to fight the Russians, not aliens. Besides, they’ll most likely have more superior firepower than ours.”
     Then he said “They have the death ray man, and could fry us.”
     Next I jokingly said, “Haven’t you heard? Aliens prefer bar-b-que instead.”
     Even though we had been belting them down, Tibbs became more serious.
     Then I continued by asking, “How do you suppose they may have gotten here across millions and millions of miles space?”
     “Through time travel,” he responded, “At least that’s the way they do it in science fiction flicks.”
     Then I followed up by stating, “And that’s all this is Tibbs—science fiction.”
     “Tommy, I’m serious man. I know what I saw on that screen. So quit clownin’”
     Still giddy and in a joking mood I said, “When they arrive, they best have their papers in order, less they be deported. We don’t need illegal aliens comin’ into this country.”
     This joke was the last straw’ because he stormed off in a huff, which ended in a flustered evening for him. Needless to say, Tibbs had also become a believer similar to Chambers.
     While writing this post, I was reminded of the movie Independence Day, starring my West Philly homeboy Will Smith. Obviously this blockbuster movie is purely science fiction. On another note, there are multitudes of people—like Chambers and Tibbs—who proclaim to have had real experiences that are neither science fiction, nor a joke.

What’s your take on UFOs? Take a survey on a separate page by clicking here.

The following is a short video of New Yorkers gawking at alleged UFOs (0:39 mins):

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2 comments on “Alien Invasion

  1. What if they… were real spaceships?

    As a kid, my favorite space movie was Teenagers From Outer Space. When my kids saw the special effects they burst out laughing.

    Yeah, movies have come a long ways, as my kids often remind me.

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