Hobbies and Solomon Burke

Fun Hobbies

   During the mid-fifties, the technology of stereophonic sound recordings were hitting the market place via vinyl LPs. My brother and I were already ahead of the game, since we were high fidelity enthusiast previously. By this time he returned from serving a tour of duty in Germany while in the Army.

     We’d get the magazine, product catalogs and attend the annual hi fi show that hit town. Today this genre has been included in state-of-the-art consumer electronic shows that includes: 3D TV, high-definition streaming audio and video, smart phones, IPODS, etc. LP recordings and high fidelity components were two addictions that complemented one another.
     Both of us were fascinated and focused. Mom had promised to by me an EICO stereo amplified kit, provided I graduate from high school. This promise was enough to motivate me to obtain my diploma.
     Another hobby my brother learned was photography. He purchased the latest Polaroid at the time, and proceeded to become a skilled photographer—doing double exposures and tricky compositions. He taught me “F” stop settings for dept of field, and shutter speed settings. This would become a hobby I’d get intensely involved with a couple of decades later.
     He even had some photos of dolls he had snapped while he was stationed in Germany. However, despite the introduction of Playboy magazine during the time, the dollies were decently clad; at least that’s the way they were robed in the photos he showed me. One day while he was at work I found his stash, and my-o-my, how revealing were those Western European chicks. I reveled in being stationed in Germany one day.

Solomon Burke


     Long before he reached international acclaim, the rock star Solomon Burke was a school chum of mine. During lunch periods at Shoemaker Junior High, we’d sit together. For some reason he preferred hanging only with me. When I first met him, I thought he was a fake; that is, he looked and acted a lot older than a middle school student. He was heavy set, with pudgy hands and sported a processed hair style with finger waves.

     I pegged him for an undercover plant to be the eyes and ears for the police. His demeanor was mature, with a baritone voice. I sized him up to have been left way behind in school. However, just recently, I found out he was only one year older than me. At the time, he was already composing songs and had the girls lined up. In fact, he’d give me pointers about ways to make out with the misses.

     Burke was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, and has appeared in several movies and on multiple TV shows. During the time of this writing (October, 2010), he passed away at an airport in Amsterdam. I considered him to have been a bona-fide gifted homeboy, who was a smooth operator way ahead of his time during his youth. His most famous hit is Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, the tune sung in The Blues Brothers movie, by comics Belushi and Aykroyd. Needless to say, this guys addiction to a career in show biz at such a young age, carried him a long ways.

   Solomon Burke video posted by BluDoggone
   Blues Brothers video posted by movieclips
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2 comments on “Hobbies and Solomon Burke

  1. I like photography, but my wife loves it. She’s surgical when it come to capturing “that shot.” She has always had a eye for detail.

    Sorry to hear about the passing of such a remarkable singer and friend.

    I remember the tune Everybody Needs Somebody from the Blues Brothers. Great song.

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