Hanky-Panky and Compulsions

Puppy Love

     For a season, every day after elementary school a couple of cuties stopped over my house for lovemaking, instead of jumping rope like the other girls. They’d immediately escort me to my basement laundry room and proceeded to make love play, such as embracing, fondling and kissing.
     In addition to them, my next girlfriend was an oriental girl that I had met in elementary school. She had a round face with a short bob hair style and bangs like the typical Asian girl stereotype. Her first name was Yuke, and as a leg boy of only five or six, I noticed she was developing a healthy set of calves, a trait inherent in many Asian females. After some flirting with me, she wasted no time claiming me as her boyfriend. Several times in the school cloak room she’d snatch me to the side and we’d smooch under the coats hanging from the hooks. I loved the skimpy dresses those little girls would wear, and would nonchalantly rub her thighs and calves while trying not to be so obvious. I suddenly discovered the softness of little girls.

Obsessive Behaviours

     On Saturdays, while the other kids played silly games, I headed downtown to the Franklin Institute science museum to increase my savvy.

     I repetitively made the excursion through the museum to view and operate the various exhibits. One could easily tell that many of the exhibits were antiquated—late 19th century. My main display was the Train Factory, which had a moving Baldwin Locomotive that would slowly roll back and forth, as I and other kids would play pretend.

     matterIn later years, I became engrossed in the Time Life Science Library series; studying topics like physics and chemistry. Through these readings I gained knowledge about our planet and the rest of the universe. I became savvy to terminology and concepts used in science fiction films, and on the peculiar name of the star named Betelgeuse, which I first thought was pronounced bettlejuice.


     When I saw the little black kid in the movie National Treasure, I was reminded of myself at that age. In the movie, the boy, who is seen hanging around the museum as I did, provides Nicholas Cage with information about coded documents from a display in the museum.

     My belief in the Big Bang theory began to take hold, despite my belief in a divine creator. On the other hand, however, the theory of evolution still did’t pan out.
     Unlike many other kids, I believe I had a type “A” personality and still do. In fact, sometimes I perceive of myself as being a triple type “A”. I usually get totally absorbed into activities dealing with work, hobbies and other disciplines. I would surely be psycho analyzed as an over achiever and extremely tenacious. To re-emphasize from my statement from the HOME page of this website: personality disorders that have been psycho analyzed as being preoccupied, over indulged, obsessive and compulsive.
     With all this engrossed attentiveness, you might say I have an addictive personality. In more recent years, addiction counselors and mental health professionals have warned me that this is an unhealthy mental behavior. However, I contend that this mentality has led me into the fields of engineering, music, computers, theology and more. In any case, I’ll stick to my addictive behaviors just the same. To clear any misconceptions: I don’t claim to be any sort of genius by any means.

4 comments on “Hanky-Panky and Compulsions

  1. Hey Sonny,

    Thank God you didn’t listen to those so-called professionals. If you would have WE wouldn’t have

    your GENIUS today. Thanks for this and all your other compelling stories.


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